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Formed by the merger of several companies consolidated over the years as part of the security, Lithos spa boasts thirty years of experience behind him, today a leading company in the sector. The growing threats of terrorism, organized crime, data traffic and cyber attacks are just some of the many aspects that defense organizations around the world have to face every day. The technologies used and the professionalism of the proposed solutions, thanks to a more efficient team, will enable the Lithos spa of Rome to be a global partner for the security and defense of every single attack. Also offering professional training services, the Company covers all aspects, meeting the different needs.


The prevention of numerous risk situations, as in the case of terrorist attacks or organized crime, to the various organizational proposals for the security of national events, both public and private, the Lithos spa provides innovative solutions adapted to operational setting of all kinds, in particular the more complex ones.
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Lithos spa provides powerful technologies for the defense and security suitable for any operational scenario. Thanks to the carefulanalysis conducted by experienced staff and up to date company, it will be possible not only to identify and prevent any kind of threat, but to structure the most appropriate countermeasures to ensure a complete contrast.
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With proven experience in civil investigative, industrial and criminological as well as the presence of highly specialized private investigators, even from law enforcement agencies of the state, the Lithos Spa stands out in Rome and Europe for high-level investigative services.
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For information, send an email to: info@lithossecurity.com
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